SqueezeBrains SDK 1.13
01 September 2023

SB SDK is the software development kit of the SqueezeBrains A.I. Algorithms by FaberVision. SB stands for SqueezeBrains.
It includes:

  • SB Library, see SB Library
    It is a library based on artificial intelligence algorithms for digital image processing
  • SB GUI, see SB GUI
    It is an application based on the SB Library that allows the user to easily carry out all the operations with intuitive graphics to create an image processing project.

SB Library includes modules of two categories:

  • Shallow Learning based:
    • Retina, a module for the detection of objects.
    • Surface, a module for the detection of surface defects.
  • Deep Learning based:
    • Deep Cortex, a module for image classification
    • Deep Surface, a module for the advanced detection of surface defects

The SB Library includes:

The following image shows the structure of the SB SDK.

SB SDK structure

See section How SB works for more information.
These modules share common data structures and functions but they perform a different type of elaboration on the image.

This reference manual contains the following sections:

  • Change Log: contains the change log of the SB Library.
  • Guides: contains some guides regarding the main aspects of the SB Library, like the project management, the features management, etc.
  • Tutorials: contains come tutorials regarding the main operations performed with the SB Library, like the library initialisation, the training and the detection.
  • FAQ: contains suggestions for solving the most common training and test problems.
  • Modules: contains the description of the main modules that compose the SB Library, like the image, the ROI, the samples, etc.
  • Data Structures: contains the data structures of the SB Library.
  • Files: contains the public files of the SB Library.